Wow, this place is truly gorgeous and the best part is all the food is picked from the land. It’s so wonderful. I’ve never been to anywhere quite like this. To have such an abundance of food all around me from fruits to vegetables and herbs is quite something. This morning I walked around the gardens and picked bananas, lemon, guava, mulberries, passion fruit, aloe vera, coconuts, sunflower sprouts and more: incredible, right? I’m in heaven.

Friends shared with me that the Big Island is a very special place because it really brings you back to your roots and pushes you to be in the now. Yes, I feel that. But I feel something even more. When I did my meditation by the ocean I heard the waves crashing against the volcanic rocks, coconut trees swaying above me, cocki frogs croaking, birds chirping and nature engulfing me. I sat breathing, smelling the clean crisp air. I felt the sunrays playing peek-a-boo with the clouds making the colors change even though eyelids were closed. I felt free. It was liberating and familiar at the same time. 

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