Perfect start to my week! Fresh food straight from the farm to my kitchen! So excited to be apart of the Southside CSA and create fun simple dishes.

What did I get this week? Garlic scapes, cilantro, yellow/red onions, beets, leeks, spinach, sugar snap peas and strawberries! 

What’s available now? Check out: Greenmarket NYC (love this chart)

Of course, I had to make something with all the fresh veggies! It was tough to decide on making a savory simple dinner dish or a strawberry crumble. I attempted to make both but realized I’d be up later then I’d like to be so I made a pasta dish:

Sugar snap pea and spinach whole wheat pasta


1 cup of chopped sugar snap peas and spinach

1/2 small yellow onion

1 tsp of turmeric

1 tsp of cumin powder

2 tsp of sea salt

1 cup of whole wheat pasta

olive oil or oil of your choice

What to do?

On high heat boil water in a pot and then add in the pasta. Turn heat to med high and keep an eye on your pasta, while you work on the veggies. Start by chopping up the spinach, snap peas and onion. On medium heat add some oil of your choice to a pan and some chopped onions. Saute them and add in the turmeric, cumin and a few pinches of sea salt. After 3 minutes add in the s
pinach and snap peas. It’s best to saute them for just a bit to keep the freshness of your veggies. Your pasta should be done by now. Drain the water and add to a bowl. Mix the sauteed veggies into the pasta bowl and add olive oil. Taste it and add in additional sea salt or any other spices you’d like to for more flavor! Have fun with this simple dish. Enjoy!!